If the world were a village…

by Vincent Desrus

The world is a global village. Imagine for a moment that this village is composed of 100 people, there would be:

– 59 Asian
– 14 African
– 14 American
– 13 European

There would also be 51 women and 49 men.
We count 50 young people under 25.

20 people (only men) would possess 80% of the village and its wealth. Only 1 woman would own his own land.

Between 5 and 6 women have been raped.

42 people would drink water ever.

50 people live within the village, 50 others were scattered around.

33 inhabitants live a situation of armed conflict, of which 23 are women.

5 men and 1 woman are military, police or gendarmes.

Five children work in conditions of slavery and one girl would be used to house without being paid.

60 people can read, write and count. 40 were men.

50 people could have access to health care.

20 people have access to a computer, 15 connected to a network such as the Internet.

One person would be considered rich, ie with more wealth than necessary to satisfy its own needs and those of his family. She would own alone 50% of the village and its wealth.

80 people have a religion, of which 40 would be forced to practice (under duress or by custom), and 20 others did not would practice. In addition, five people would practice despite the risks to their survival.

The village library would be accessible to 24 people, others would be prohibited. The cinema is visited weekly by 1 person, always the same.

The electricity would be cut about 50% of the time, lack of resources. 30 people would waste 90% of energy and natural resources of the village.

5 people already holiday parties. It would provide for 10 people in total would the next 5 years.

Etc, etc … Figures may well be spread over pages and pages. They can sometimes put into perspective all of us on this planet, and we measure what it means to be human.