Photographer Doesn’t Save Innocent Bistander from Oncoming Train?

by Vincent Desrus

One of the greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the pert of empathy towards others…

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“CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHY THIS PHOTOGRAPHER HAD TIME TO TAKE A PHOTO AND NOT HELP THE MAN? Ki Suk Han, 58, was pushed onto the tracks of an oncoming Q train by a deranged man, after trying to protect fellow straphangers from him. The New York Post captured the tragic photo, above, as their photographer was in the area cover ing an unrelated story.” – Anonymous Facebook Page


   The statement above is a great example of pointing our finger at someone else instead of thinking critically about a situation. Yes, of course I wish someone could have saved this man! The question is ‘who am I to tell someone else to catch a bullet or step in front of a moving train for a stranger?’ It might be easy to tell someone else to risk their life while you are sitting comfortably at your home on the internet. That…

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